Product Disclaimer

We know that you care about your companion and want to invest in high quality housing and enrichment for them. We are proud to say that we do our utmost to ensure that each product that leaves our workshop is well made and will be well loved.

With that said, we would like to mention that our products are made out of organic, natural materials, and therefore some quirks may occur, such as knots or patterns in the wood. We feel that this adds to the products charm.

Now for the boring legal bit… Please note that given the nature of the materials used, we cannot be held responsible for any irregularities in the raw materials. We also ask that you extend your products life by ensuring adequate protection against the elements as we cannot be held liable for any future splits in, or decay of, the wood or any other materials. It is down to you, the user, to ensure that your product is well looked after.

Now, back to the fun bit….