The Rabbit Association & Welfare Fund recommends a total space of 10ft x 6ft x 3ft (60 sq. feet) for permanent housing space. This is broken down such that for example, their sheltered space needs to be at least 6ft x 2ft x 2ft combined with an exercise space of at least 8ft x 6ft at all times.

Here at Small Paws Playtime, we supply sheltered housing as a minimum of 6ft long x 3ft wide x 3 ft tall. We recommend you take a look at our installation guidance for providing secure and stable bases.

We provide outdoor exercise runs starting from a size of 6ft long x 4ft wide x 3ft tall. This needs to be permanently attached to their sheltered space and accessible 24 hours a day so it also needs to be predator proof. We use 16g galvanised fox proof wire. Please be aware that unless you take appropriate precautions, they are likely to dig their way out, which could put them at risk from predators. So, if you have your run on grass, either make sure you move it regularly, fit a wire-mesh skirt, or place paving slabs around the perimeter to slow them down and make it more difficult for your rabbits to tunnel out.

Runs on concrete, slabs or decking will prevent rabbits being able to dig out, making them more secure. We recommend you take a look our installation guidance for providing secure and stable bases.

It is important to note that runs alone should not act as suitable sheltered housing. Runs should be used in addition to sheltered housing.


The enclosure should be out of direct sunlight and at least partially covered to protect your rabbits from the elements. Run covers are available commercially and tarpaulin can be bought quite cheaply from garden centres.


Most rabbits will chew on anything given the opportunity. If you are treating the wood with a timber preservative, ensure it’s safe for pets and has dried and been sanded before your rabbits get near it. We recommend that you opt for bunny safe Culprinol Garden Shades.


Enrichment is what rabbits need to be able to act like rabbits. If your rabbits are outdoors or indoors then they will need also need hidey holes, tunnels and will benefit from a hay rack which allows them to stretch as well as preventing hay from being soiled on the ground. Check out our enrichment section for some great ideas to keep your rabbits occupied and content.

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