6" Enrichment Pipe

6" Enrichment Pipe

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Our 6” Enrichment Pipe is perfect for meeting your rabbit’s need for adventure and security. The tunnels provide fantastic escape routes, as well as a means to hide and scatter treats and encourage exercise. Rabbits love to have the option to escape through a secret passageway (only known to them, of course).

  • Perfect for providing a sense of security

  • Simulates the natural burrowing instinct

  • Adds much needed enrichment

The pipe is made from hard-wearing corrugated plastic. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

The entrance to the pipe measures at 6” and it is available in 1 meter, 3 meters and 5 meters

Note: The supplier stores this outside before it reaches us at Small Paws Playtime. Therefore there may be scratches as a result. We will do our best to ensure that you receive our enrichment pipe in the highest possible quality.

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