Hide n Play Hide

Hide n Play Hide


The Hide n Play has been lovingly handcrafted to provide your rabbit with a platform to oversee their Bundom. The lower level can be used to hide from shadows, stash treats, have a snooze or simply be an obstacle course during play time. The top level features an enrichment chew toy that will hopefully satisfy their need to nibble…. (hopefully!)

  • Great for providing a safe hiding area

  • Provides enrichment and exercise

  • Acts as a comfortable spot to snooze

  • Engaging chew block on upper deck

Measures: W: 57 cm, D: 62 cm, H: 32cm.

All of our enrichment products come in their natural, unpainted form. Fancy a pop of colour? We recommend that you opt for bunny safe Culprinol Garden Shades.

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