Hopping Corner House

Hopping Corner House


The Hopping Corner House has been designed to meet your rabbits’ need for adventure and security. The tunnel is a fantastic way to provide them with an easy escape route, as well as a means to hide and scatter treats and encourage exercise. Rabbits love to have the option to escape through a secret passageway (only known to them, of course). The upper deck provides a great platform for human watching.

  • Perfect for providing a sense of security

  • Simulates the natural burrowing instinct

  • Adds much needed enrichment

(x2 Hides) L: 50cm, W: 32cm, H:32 cm

(x1 Corner Castle) L: 42cm, W: 46cm, H: 60cm

All of our enrichment products come in their natural, unpainted form. Fancy a pop of colour? We recommend that you opt for bunny safe Culprinol Garden Shades.

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