Hoppy Hotel

Hoppy Hotel


The Hoppy Hotel has been lovingly designed to provide your rabbit with a small hiding area within their home. It has been handcrafted from high quality wood and features a little rabbit and heart cutout to the front, as well as a charming canopy above the door.

  • Features one doorway and two love heart windows

  • Provides a secure hiding area

  • Can be used to stash treats

  • Attractive furniture for your home

Measures: W: 50cm, D: 36cm, H: 36cm.

We recommend pairing Hoppy Hotel with our Bolt Tunnel for added security and enrichment. Rabbits love long passages and multiple escape routes!

All of our enrichment products come in their natural, unpainted form. Fancy a pop of colour? We recommend that you opt for bunny safe Culprinol Garden Shades.

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