The Tipsy Fort

The Tipsy Fort


The Tipsy Fort earned its name from its rather wine rack appearance. This hide has been lovingly designed to meet your rabbits’ need for adventure and security. The fort would make for a fantastic addition to your rabbits’ empire. The hide acts as an escape route, as well as a means to hide and scatter treats and encourage exercise. The upper decks provide a great platform for a spot of late night human watching, although we recommend sobriety for this particular activity!

  • Perfect for providing a sense of security

  • Simulates the natural burrowing instinct

  • Adds much needed enrichment

  • Great addition to your rabbits’ empire

Measurements: L: 42cm, W: 46cm, H:55cm

All of our enrichment products come in their natural, unpainted form. Fancy a pop of colour? We recommend that you opt for bunny safe Culprinol Garden Shades.

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