Hop it House

Hop it House


The Hop it House has been designed with the welfare of rabbits in mind. It provides a cosy sleeping area as well as ample space for enrichment. With perspex shutters and a rabbit access door, this enclosure, when forming part of a larger setup, will provide a safe and secure retreat for them to warm up during the colder months.

  • 6 FT X 4 FT (5 FT 8” Tall)

  • Made from high quality timber

  • Meshed with 16 gauge galvanised fox proof wire

  • Features perspex shutters, barn door and shelf and ramp

  • Comes with complimentary hide house and large litter tray

What’s more, Hop it House comes in an array of bunny safe Culprinol garden shades for you to choose from, or if you prefer, you may stick to the natural unpainted timber.

We recommend visiting the Enrichment section of our site, where you will find many high quality, high welfare and hand-made toys, hides and obstacles. Pop a few inside your enclosure and your rabbit will be hopping with joy.

Ready to invest? Great! We’re pleased to say that installation is FREE. However, please note that we do charge a modest delivery fee for our enclosures to cover our fuel. Please take a moment to read the FAQ for guidance. Once you have placed your order, we will be in touch via the number provided at checkout to arrange delivery.

Please note that our enclosures are ONLY available for UK delivery. Orders placed for enclosures outside of the UK will NOT be fulfilled and will be refunded.

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