Indoor Perspex Pen

Indoor Perspex Pen

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The Indoor Perspex Pen has been designed with the welfare of house rabbits in mind. It provides a cosy and secure base for your house rabbit for those times when they cannot be left unsupervised. With plenty of light and a clear view thanks to the perspex panels, your rabbit will get to enjoy being a part of family activities.

We provide you with the option of having an indoor pen built with or without a roof. The roof is hinged and built with a timber frame and galvanised wire to aid sunlight and circulation throughout the enclosure.

  • Perfect retreat for house rabbits

  • Provides ample space for enrichment

  • Features door for easy access for cleaning

The Indoor Perspex Pen has been specifically designed for use indoors. Our indoor pens come in their natural, unpainted form. Fancy a pop of colour? We recommend that you opt for bunny safe Culprinol Garden Shades.

We recommend visiting the Enrichment section of our site, where you will find many high quality, high welfare and hand-made toys, hides and obstacles. Pop a few inside your enclosure and your rabbit will be hopping with joy.

Please note that rabbits require plenty of space to play and ample opportunity each day to stretch their legs and zoom around the house or garden. For this reason, we recommend bunny-proofing your home or providing an additional secure outdoor run.

Ready to invest? Great! We’re pleased to say that delivery and installation is FREE for all UK Mainland customers. Please take a moment to read the FAQ for guidance. Once you have placed your order and your order is ready to be delivered and installed, we will be in touch via the number provided at checkout.

Please note that our enclosures are ONLY available for UK Mainland delivery. Orders placed for enclosures outside of the UK Mainland will NOT be fulfilled and will be refunded.

With or Without Roof:
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