Our Customer’s Stories

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 “I bought the bunny digging box to use as a toilet block (holding their litter tray) for my incredibly messy pair of furry queens. It’s worked like a dream. After years of cleaning up widely scattered poops and discarded hay, it’s now all neatly contained. I love my buns but hated their mess. Now I just love them!! Thanks Lee and the team for offering a great quality product.”


“My fur babies love everything these guys do. And I just love everything they make. I have the bunny hotel as I call it a 6” shed with hutches inside, they are amazing I’d definitely use them again”


“I bought a shed/run combo for my rescue rabbits and haven't looked back, they love it. Great to have an installation service too. Will definitely buy from here again - 5 star”


“My two love their bunny bus. Such great quality and reasonable price. I currently have an order for a hay feeder and a bunny Bridge which I'm really looking forward to receiving. Highly recommended buying from Small Paws. Definitely 5 star”


“Best quality bunny items you could ever buy, my bunnies love their hay feeder, ball pool and hidey house , it’s so well designed and built”


“Bubbles and Lily love their corner table/hide away. Fantastic quality. Currently have an order in for a litter tray/hay feeder. Can’t wait to get this so that everything looks the same, neat and tidy. Thank you”


“Our rescue bunny, Fred, absolutely adores his small paws house - the stimulation that it provides him with mentally is so vital in keeping him happy and providing a natural environment for him to enjoy. The best quality and made with the enjoyment of the bunnies in mind! (Plus, it even holds the weight of our dog when she takes a nap on it when Fred isn’t looking!)”


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