Bunny Paws Digging Box

Bunny Paws Digging Box


The Bunny Paws Digging Box has been lovingly handcrafted to provide your rabbit with a somewhat contained means to get up to mischief in your home. The digging box can be filled with a fun digging material of your choice, and used to stash treats, hide, have a snooze or simply be an obstacle course during play time.

  • Comes with 32ltr removable tray

  • Features 3mm perspex window for your viewing pleasure

  • Great for providing a safe hiding area

  • Provides enrichment and exercise

  • Acts as a comfortable spot to snooze

Measures: L: 80 cm, W: 44 cm, H: 57cm.

All of our enrichment products come in their natural, unpainted form.

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